Picture 59I don't know why I have not made Hemingway's my nightly spot. I love this place! Ladies, the guys have some great and not so frequently used pick up lines if you are curious. To be able to be surrounded by dusty old books while a front man plays screaming guitar on the floor of the stage, makes it a great venue and the shows I've seen there have been a blast. The guys of Falling Still put on a always entertaining show and had the girls dancing in the bar and just short of jumping on stage. Their "I'm Pissed" video release party last night was just that, a fun night out and a party with the band. They used a video screen to present their newly finished video while they played the song live. The video, a mushroom and weed induced dreamscape in the woods. It Picture 57looked like a fun day of hiking with music and a human sized 'shroom. I turned to a friend in the audience who giggle that it was a "trip", pun very much intended. The guys are Silverlake hipsters meet Nirvana era grunge. Many of their songs are dirty rock's new takes on the grunge era of music. They describe them selves as old school rock and sweaty drunken good times, so head out to their next show and enjoy! The party was just a preview and when the video releases, I will be sure to post the trippy little  tour through the woods with the guys. I spoke with frontman, after the show and always enthusiastic, he was happy to have another successful show in Hollywood. As always, we bonded over Ohio and our love of LA. Cheers fellow mid-westerners!


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