A night at The Satellite usually just turns into a night out with friends. I think by then end of the night we knew everyone in the building.  The music though, is always what brings people to the venue. Before heading out to the show, I had been told that the drummer was "rad! She's a little crazy!" Turns out, as usual, my friends were right in the best of ways. Moselle Spiller on drums reminded me of Kim Schifino in terms of her energy but with a little more of Crushed Out's self described surf-garage feel. The band, formerly Boom Chick, put on a fantastic show. Excited drumming, I felt like she might just explode if asked to sit still. She put on a great show.



With a broken string near the end of the set, Frank Hoier managed to move on with out missing a moment. He played from the floor (photo to the right and below) and kept on going. I wish I could say that the venue was sold out or that a few hundred new fans were made that night, unfortunately, there was a small crowd. I assure you that the people there were dedicated fans by the end of the show. I don't think I had ever seen a mini moshpit at the Satellite before. There is a first for everything though, and the mosh pit that formed was enough. On tour currently,  you might have annother shot at seeing them this year. If you can, do not pass on the chance. Join the mosh pit! Some bands have fun on stage and you can tell they love what they do, this is one of those bands and

their enthusiasm is contagious. Playing off of each other well, the duo had a lovely night.

After the set, I talked to the band briefly before they joined the audience for drinks. They seemed happy, if a little tired, with the set. A broken string could not slow them down and brought out the creativity in Frank.

They will be continuing their North American tour through the end of 2012, and you can follow them for updates at their web site www.crushedoutmusic.com - Twitter:@crushedoutmusic Instagram: @crushedout


As always, I hope to see all of you at the show!



(as always with Ohio's shows, photos by www.photobytamea.com)



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