A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of breaking my Spaceland cherry with the Eastern Conference Champions. Monday nights are free (also news to me), and the Planetary Group folks took it upon themselves to throw us a little soiree before the show, where I met lead singer Josh and spoke at length about the weird audio qualities of the dome above us (if you’ve been upstairs you’ll know what I mean) and his injured hand.

Josh’s injury was the first sign of just how dedicated of a musician he is. He is the second musician I’ve seen live still kick ass during an injury, with the first being Maynard Keenan of Tool last year. But I digress.

The Eastern Conference Champions are originally from Bucks County, PA, and now find themselves making a living here in Los Angles. With Josh Ostrander on guitar/mic/beat machine, Greg Lyons on drums, Melissa Dougherty on guitar, ECC has been touring constantly since their 2009 Sante Fe EP; with a stint on Last Call with Carson Daly mixed in for good measure.

The dark void among glittery overhangs was a perfect mood setting for the evening, with Josh’s added twang on his voice adding a flavor I haven’t quite tasted recently in music. Melissa rocked stage right, having everyone bowing with her as she flung during her riffs. Greg kept his cool while keeping the beat, despite his 100 degree plus fever without breaking a(n extra) sweat.

This is a band to be admired not because of what they have accomplished, but because of what you know they will accomplish in the future. With songs like Common Sense, and stage presence like these kids had, I’ll gladly be back to see them when they play again in Los Angeles October 14th at the Echo, and again at Spaceland on November 3rd.

If you can’t make it out, keep an ear out for Speak-Ahh, their upcoming album! Thanks again to the Planetary Crew for making the night a great one.

Until next time my friends,