Attending the Snoop Dogg concert in the hot-boxed Club Nokia is experience enough to die content…or complete…or at least with a unique feeling that my mind and body had yet to indulge in at any rock concert I ever attended.   Well, with the exception of the opening act Vixzens who, bless their amateur hearts, performed for their first time that amateur in fact, that laughter added as a background beat to the gibberish they spewed into the mics. Nipsey Hussle accompanied by a full band with a horn section and a white guy in reading glasses literally lit the stage and every blunt in the arena.  Having never heard them before, I came to appreciate the marriage between trombone and rap.   Dj Quik followed, and after whipping out Lets Get Down, everyone did just that, quickly jump starting the old school parade that shuffled out with the D-O-double-G.

Dj Quik opening for Snoop

Snoop, laid back in his handkerchief-style onesie and backed by a multi-ethnic group of booty droppers, c-walked his way through a two-hour plus set of old and new school goodness.  Joined by Kurupt and a massive on-stage posse (Bishop Don Magic Juan included) and an audience up in smoke, we all rapped every word to his plethora of hits such as Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang, Gin and Juice, Who Am I (Whats My Name), Blow the Whistle, and Drop it Like it’s Hot.

Snoop, his diamond encrusted mic, and onesie

The night truly threw me straight to the early 90s, not just with the songs but with the cameos of such legends like Xzibit, Lady of Rage, Too $hort and Nate Dogg’s cousin, Butch Cassidy (if you can’t get the real thing, why not bring in the cuz?!). A very relaxed Snoop simply bobbed about in the background while they took the stage one after another.  At one point, a Tupac tribute encouraged a dance of lighters, a chant by the audience, “We all miss Tupac” (or something of the sort, my memory has been fogged of such details) and a rendition of America’s Most Wanted.

Although Snoop Dogg may not be a quintessential gangsta anymore, I respect him as one. Who else can pull off a onesie at his age while bringing the West as one under a single cloudy roof? The boisterous and eclectic mix of a crowd emphasized that his journey is far from over.  And although he no longer regulates in the LBC, he does grab girls by the butt, an action that in his new song Gangsta Luv, self proclaims him as a gangsta...still.  If he is too old and rich to regulate, than why not redefine the meaning?

Gangsta Luv on the West Coast

I didn’t know what to expect from my first Snoop Dogg concert, and quite frankly I still feel a bit speechless (and lightheaded just thinking about it) regarding the experience.  And after much thought, I know that if I don’t die content, Snoop and friends would at least hope that I die high.  Perhaps that’s what that different/new feeling was: the contact high hangover that slammed me in the face the next morning.