It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to call button down dress shirts sexy, but rest assured, Emily Belgard, lead singer of kick ass rock band Prohibition Rose brought us back to what we’ve all been missing. The band invited me out for a Monday romp at the Key Club, to open for the longest lived Sunset act in history, Steel Panther (aka Metal Skool). Before the panther took the stage, Emily and her band came out and blew the hats off the front row.


The ladies with their boyfriends were instantly jealous as Emily dropped it like it’s hot several times during the set. But don’t let the aesthetics fool you, she a grade A singer, being backed by Eric Lenning on lead guitar and backup vocals.

Eric reminded me of Tyson Ritter of the All American Rejects, but with a less pop image, and more respect on my books. To his left, was the lovely short shorts wearing blonde bombshell, Mia Heldt. Speaking of comparisons, I told her after the set that she reminded me of a blond Paz Lenchantin; apple of my eye, and bassist of A Perfect Circle. Watch the video for the song Judith and you’ll get the idea of what I had the honor of witnessing.


Andy Bonura and Tanner Bean killed it on the drums and guitar, kicking the set off with Come Out Racin’ of their upcoming album, …To the Wolves. The whole set was raw rock, with a refreshing and sexy twist offered to Valhalla by Emily at the helm. Personally my favorite tracks of the night were Slippery Slope for the drums during the chorus and Bag Full of Sparrows for its slow tempo, and powerful chorus tones. Here’s the complete set list for your viewing pleasure:

1) Come out Racin' 2) Slippery Slope 3) Bag Full of Sparrows 4) Vertigo 5) Stocking Stuffer 6) More 7) Retrograde

Prohibition Rose is not to be trifled with, and seeing as they were a perfect pairing to Steel Panther. The night carried on, with Petty Cash playing downstairs, bringing up Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 up to party with them. After a great sing-along set of Tom Petty songs we all made our way up to enjoy Steel Panther perform their usual amazing antics, complete with a performance of Death to All But Metal.

I’ve seen the song performed before, but that night was even better than normal, with Chris Mintz-Plasse… but let’s be real and call him McLovin, the name we all know him by. Joining him onstage for a duet was The Iceman himself, Chuck Lidell.


Mix in the flashing of ridiculously large breasts from the VIP section after some encouraging chanting from all around, and three to one better hair on guys than girls, and you have a night in Hollywood. Thanks to Prohibition Rose for bringing me out to have a good time, and giving us something new to behold (in oh so many ways). No new shows are posted yet, but check out their MySpace for a good chunk of their new album.

Until next time my friends,