Samoan Irok Rocks the SD sports Arena

Everyone was hustling backstage to catch a word from some of the artists to get a feel for what they had to bring to their fans for the Spring Break Concert 2010. Before anyone could get a word in, the sound of drums filled the arena while people were still filtering in from outside. The lucky few early birds were not only able to catch a glimpse of the Tahitian dancers opening for Samoan iRok who was performing for the preshow, but also, by the end of his energetic performance, might have been able to catch one of his shirts, shoes, hats, or basically anything he could spare to his fans before being considered not PG-13. Even though he went a bit over time, in my opinion, Samoan iRok was a perfect opening to get the crowd charged up for the kind of energy that this concert would bring.

Teairra Mari Sings her Heart out

Following Samoan iRok, was the beautiful and talented, Teairra Mari. She was able to prove her amazing artistic talent and vocal skill by singing the first verse of each song A cappella. However, explaining each song before she sang, she may have lost a few members of her audience who were only there for the party and not the art. Regardless if a small section of her lost some of their enthusiasm, she definitely caught the attention of Behind the Hype as she retains her title as a true musical artist.

Bobby V makes the ladies swoon

To reclaim the attention of the crowd, specifically those of the female persuasion, Bobby Valentino flattered his onlookers with roses, an much more. Serenading his future Bobby-V obsessors, with songs like "Slow Down", and his chorus for Ludacris' "All over the World",  he certainly won the hearts of the women in the stadium. By the end of his performance Mr. Valentino was stripped of his shirt having the females going crazy.

Soulja Boy Turns his Swag On

Before the girls were able to organize an I love Bobby Valentino cult, Soulja Boy broke out hard with his very entertaining S8aholic crew. Throwing out shirts and valuable mementos, he also left the crowd with more than just his captivating performance to remember him by. Although I would have to give Fabalous the best-performer-of-the-night award, Soulja Boy was definitely the man who got the crowd dancing, bumping, and wanting more.

Next, the aforementioned performer of the night, Fabalous, chose an unexpected ensemble of older works. Something everyone could relate to. Being the singular performer that night to successfully have full audience participation he brought the crowd to the breaking point of crazy-into-it. So much so that when he asked everyone in the room to tell off their “haters”, a girl came rushing to the front row to throw down with another girl who was front and center into his performance.

By the time the cat fight broke, Fabalous stopped his performance and security was clearing the groups out of the hot seats, literally. Still, our boy Fabalous didn’t have any trouble regaining the audience’s focus.

Flo Rida closing the event for the night, really got the already super charged audience in a fury over who would be the “playa in the house” to take home his chain! By this time the crowd was fully ready to turn the Sports Area into an all night party, but before anyone knew it, the concert was over, The Dream remaining a no show.

All in all, it was an event-filled night to remember. A huge thanks and shoutout goes out to PRX360 for not only having us there, but for professionally handling all the Public Related Media for the night. Also, a special thanks to Urban Network, Ozone,Girls of Low Rider,Silk,, , and LA XLarge for coming out to San Diego's Spring Break Concert and Covering our performing artists.