On Monday night, Eve 6 played a triumphant sold-out show at the Troubadour in support of their recently-released Fearless Records debut Speak in Code.

That album, if you haven't heard it, is pretty solid - it's a bit more pop-oriented than 2003's It's All in Your Head or the band's self-titled debut, but if you dug 2000's Horrorscope you might want to pick it up. It's been a long time since they've released new music - 9 years, in fact - and they sound fresh and rejuvenated with the new record. Here's the official video for the song Victoria, as a preview:


Those fresh vibes translated well at the Troubadour, too - their 20-song set was highlighted with some new material (Situation Infatuation, B.F.G.F., Pick up the Pieces, Lost & Found, Curtain and Victoria), as well as a dip into their back catalog (Nightmare, Open Road Song, Amphetamines, Think TwiceSuperhero Girl, Tongue Tied, Leech, and so on).

The show's openers were solid too - Kenan Bell, a L.A. resident with a keen sense of wordplay and a solid backing band got the crowd amped, while The Colourist delivered a fantastic 30-minute set of very infectious indie/pop. They have a residency at the Bootleg Theater in L.A. each Monday in June, and you should check them out if you're into that scene - they're great.

Below, enjoy some photos and videos from the Troubadour gig.





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