Over the weekend, the 26th annual UCLA JazzReggae Festival took place in the intramural fields.

I was lucky enough to be granted access to the grounds for Jam Day, which was headlined by the Roots, Booker T. Jones and Gary Clark Jr.

Armed with my slightly-above-quality point & shoot camera, I took some shots from photo pit. Enjoy them below.

Since there are so many, you might be wondering who is who in the images -

The girl in the yellow is Selah Sue, a Belgian act with a very eclectic, wordly sound - check her out.

Clad in the shiny blue pants and Transformers hat is Thundercat, a jazz/fusion bassist. You can probably figure out who Booker T. Jones is (hint - he's sitting at the piano).

GCJ and his shiny red guitar were a pleasure to shoot, considering he's one of my top current acts to see live - he blew me away at Coachella and it was great to see him in a not-so-windy-and-rainy setting on Sunday.

As for The Roots, well - they're masters. They opened with an excellent and poignant tribute to the Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch, playing part of Paul Revere before launching into their regular set, which was as top-notch as it always is.

It was also cool to have a picture of myself Tweeted by ?uestlove - No, really, he did that after the show. I'm in the green t-shirt in the photo pit.

Enjoy the photos below, after two videos shot at the show:

Booker T. Jones - Green Onions


Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights


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