Under the bridges of Downtown LA, Brokechella kept everyone that wasn't in Indio entertained. Little shops popped up along the warehouses and all of the stages started up around 3pm and went strong into the evening. I covered The Singles who are in the middle of a couple tours and took this weekend at home to play LA. Next week they will be on the road again and they were excited about the upcoming shows. Their set was full of energy and the crowd made their way from the food trucks to listen to them play. Be sure to make it to one of their upcoming shows!

Later in the day The Zibbs played on the main stage and their rock vibe brought out a good crowd. At one point, the drummer brought out a toy guitar (which is also tattooed on his leg~Check out that photo below) and played while his sister and vocalist, Coco, played the drums. They put on a great show and were obviously having fun with the set. Based in LA and Switzerland, they are making a name for themselves in Europe as well as Southern California. With some original music, written by siblings Coco and Stee, and some covers, they had a great range and a raspy rock feel.  After talking to the band I'm excited about their upcoming projects and I highly recommend hitting up their next show at Pancakes & Booze Arts and Music Festival in LA on May 2nd and 3rd.

Cheers everyone!

Photos by Tamea at photobytamea.com


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