This time last year, if you asked me about Metric, I'd be pissed because you brought up my worst subject back in grade school. Now though, I'd tell you how much ass they kick (or how well Emily Haines can wear a dress). My Journey started with listening to their most recent album, Fantasies, and moving backwards to Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

If you read my last review of Metric live, you know that I have Jessica T. to thank, and I thank her again for getting me into Metric. Adorned just as stellar an outfit as the last, frontwoman Emily Haines was ready to go from start to finish, with a tangible energy of the crowd billowing behind me as I stood in the photo pit with eager eyes. I admit, it was good to be there again, with Jessica T. feeling ten times more giddy than I did for sure.

Honestly theres not too much I can say, because Metric is something to be experienced. I'm just happy I got to dance to Dead Disco, my favorite Metric song. And while I didn't have the awesome set up that Brantley (kick ass photographer for Metric), I made due with a little video action for you all. And yes, before you comment down below, I'm aware I'm an idiot for putting the wrong song name in the credits. But you die hard fans know its Twilight Galaxy and not Help I'm Alive .

Here's the night's setlist, and Twilight Galaxy live. Enjoy!

Metric, March 26th at the Hollywood Palladium from John Duah on Vimeo.

Twilight Galaxy

Satellite Mind

Front Row

Help Iā€™m Alive


Collect Call

Gold Guns Girls

Gimme Sympathy

Sick Muse

Dead Disco

Stadium Love

Encore: Monster Hospital and Combat Baby (an awesome acoustic version though..)

Thank you Metric for another beautiful evening.

Also, take a look at the photos I shot from the night while you're at it!


Until next time my friends,