Since the release of 2002’s Songs About Jane, I’ve wanted to see Maroon 5 live. This past weekend, I got the chance to finally put that pen to the paper and see what got written.

Opened up by the always amazing OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder and crew got everyone warmed up before the main event. It was one of those perfect nights for music at the Greek Theatre, with a random walk-by of LL Cool J on the grounds, as well as a hilarious piano intro by comedian Jason Segel.

Adam Levine got pretty much all of the panties to drop simultaneously, opening with their latest hit, Misery. While the song was playing, my main question was if the set would be more of the newer stuff, or more of a mixed bag of hits. Luckily it was the latter, with the third song of the evening an extended version of The Sun, with a good few minutes of jamming towards the songs end. The band continued to move about their catalogue, playing Stutter, Sunday Morning, and several others throughout the night.

Something I took note of more than I normally do, was the setup of the bands stage. Complete with a dual piano metal platform, crazy bright lights, and the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen. Mixed with the warm air, and growing trees (which Adam took the time to point out) made the evening even more powerful for us.

We started heading out towards the second encore song, and ended the night on what other song than Sweetest Goodbye. I’ll definitely see Maroon 5 next time they play their home city, as Adam understands how important it is to remember to play stuff that we all know. Glad you’re in our corner Mr. Levine.

Until next time my friends,