Our friend Tamea Agle aka Ohio will be joining the official ranks of Behind the Hype soon, but here is a blurb and some amazing photos of Leftover Cuties at their release show at Bardot!  

"Leftover Cuties wrote my anthem" she yelled... and then giggled, when I asked a fellow concert goer what brought her out to the show. Leftover Cuties' Places to Go was her anthem and she lived it... She walked out the door... and went to Hawaii.

Their album release party at The Bardot was my second time seeing the Cuties. With a retro with a twist, sound I am always happy to see a show.

For the next few weeks you can catch them live at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica on Friday nights.

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So, as the song says, and as my new friend proclaimed, "I too have places to go and people to see" so till next time, Listen to the cuties and figure out if they wrote your anthem too!