Oh how we love the small venue shows here at Behind the Hype. This time around, we are again greeted to the sounds of Thomas Pridgen and crew, who showed much love. It’s nice to know you can be friends with your inspiration. But mushy stuff aside, let’s talk about the murdered eardrums of January 19ths Cat Club show with The Memorials, with support from Just Like Vinyl.

We hit the scene to catch the middle of Just Like Vinyl’s set, and upon first glance I said to myself, “Wow, these guys sound like The Fall of Troy, with a little less mathcore feel.” Of course now I feel like an idiot, because the lead singer was Thomas Erak…you know… lead singer of The Fall of Troy. If you follow my work, you know I think they are a great band, and Just Like Vinyl is an endeavor worth checking out if you even remotely like the works of Erak. I fully intend on getting my hands on their work for review, so keep an eye out.

Next up were the mighty Memorials, who crammed onto the tiny stage of the Cat Club. Honestly though, shows like this are great, because you can feel the energy of the crowd even more. It’s good to break outside of your comfort levels and feel the vibes. This was a dedicated crowd, and I even spotted Incubus bassist Ben Kenney (who I run into more often than you would believe).

As you would expect, the energy levels were high, and the band moved quickly through their set list, due to a little later than expected start time for the evening. The album has been in heavy rotation for a long time for me, so I knew most of the songs, but Lead singer Viv said that the band was working on new material. I’m not sure if what I heard immediately afterword was new stuff, or covers, but it was amazing either way.

The Memorials are a perfect example of when professionals of their craft find the courage to just let go, and “stop thinking so much”, as Thomas joked outside with me, when I was apprehensive about entering the fray that was the dingy Cat Club interior. Furthermore, shout out to the crew and sound guy for holding the night down extremely well. The sound for the evening was quite easy to pick apart, even if there wasn’t enough room for Thomas’ cool sparkle effect thing. Yeah, still haven’t learned the name of the drum peripheral. The only downside of the evening for me, was still not getting a chance to introduce myself to Just Like Vinyl, and still not getting the chance to stop and congratulate Randy and Jon on their once again amazing performance.

The carnage will continue across the U.S., so check the full tour dates below for their romp through your city. And Thomas, I will wear my TP shirt proudly. Thanks for making us stay up past our bedtime.

Until next time my friends,