This year’s Halloween was the best I’ve had in quite a while. Mainly because it was the first Halloween weekend in which I attended a concert with an included costume contest. My brother and I took part in HoneyChild, White Denim, and the mighty Portugal. The Man at the El Rey Theater; with this being my inaugural visit.

HoneyChild is an up and coming Los Angeles based band, with guitar-heavy, hair swinging soul layers, on an experimental cake. The only part about their set I didn’t like, was the fact I didn’t get to hear more. With a 20 minute set, it was hard to gauge how I feel about them live, but more opportunities are coming soon.

Second up was a band I had never heard of by the name of White Denim. Let me say that these guys made it rain in the El Rey. You can’t help but smile when the crowd goes wild in the middle of a song for completing an amazing instrumental verse. These guys never slowed down, with a style that reminded me of what would happen if the Mars Volta, RX Bandits, and The Black Keys had a ménage trois. Even with a microphone failure, lead singer James Petralli kept it playa and got a secondary mic working right as the instrumentals lead to the next verse.

As you know, the Portugal dudes murdered their set, with the highest energy opening I’ve seen them perform to date. With a packed room of long-time fans, everyone sang along (including yours truly) to every song. I will say however, that I could swear that I heard a new song by Portugal. The Man. The lyrics had something to do with a revolution. I guess we won’t be certain until a little later this year, or even beginning of next year. It may have been my favorite Portugal set, seeing as how my little brother had never seen them live, and they happened to play 1989.

Hats off to all these bands for a great Halloween weekend! Stay tuned for what all these bands are up to in the future!

Until next time my friends,