It’s been over a week since we stopped by the Bootleg in LA, and we’re still reveling in the funk/rock/blues/dance glory of Austin’s Bright Light Social Hour. They absolutely killed it.

The foursome put out their self-titled debut album in 2011, and have been gaining traction in the indie scene with support of their loyal fans. SXSW was a total win for them, and we’re so glad to have caught them again on this tour. Not only does Bright Light Social Hour belt out some furious riffs and sexy lyrics …(The day that I met you, Workin' side by side, At that moment I knew I'd work for you, 'Til the day I died.”-Detroit)…they also have an ease about them that immediately gets the crowd dancing & clapping along. Take a listen to “Back and Forth” ... yeah, try not to chant along.

Back & Forth

You can always tell when a group gets off on jamming for an audience, and the guys seemed to really enjoy the night. Like their 60’s & 70’s influences, you need to experience Bright Light Social Hour live...partly because a large percentage of their set-list wasn’t off the album. Yet it was just great, if not better.

Our favorite songs of the night were “Detroit” and “Maybe I Do”

Ladies, aside from the fact that the guys are insanely talented musicians, they’re decked with long locks we know you love and some swoon-worthy facial hair. They’re a rare combo of genuine raw talent and powerful stage presence. And hey, they’re still on tour! So check them out for yourself. Dates are here.

Check out their site  or their facebook.



By Alicia Haberman

AuthorBTH Staff