August 5th at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood, Beardyman will be performing in his own crazy or self described "silly"  way. I spoke with him earlier this week about his upcoming tour and it seems that every minute is planned! He is very much looking forward to returning to the States and performing on the Roxy stage. It's the little things in life tough too! He is looking forward to the split pea soup at his favorite spot just north of LA.

Pea soup aside, he will be bringing out his incredibly customized synthesizer (a word which he says does not quite do it justice) and using only his voice and the manipulation in the synth without any pre-recorded sounds or vocalizations.

The shows tend to be very improvised and very electronically based. After the show at The Roxy, he will be staying in Los Angeles to record an album in an hour with audience input. With crowd input and his improvisation, the album's sound is yet to be heard as it will rely on spurt of the moment creativity and inspiration. Wednesday at the Comedy Central stage at the Hudson on Santa Monica Blvd he will be performing his one album per hour showcase.

I first heard of Beardyman from a TED talk he gave (watch the video below) and I was blown away and I was so happy to be able to talk to him about his music. He started at 5 years old trying to make new sounds and accurately make sounds that he had heard in the world.

He has since created this magical device that I will be happy to see live at The Roxy. To get your tickets visit The Roxy/ Ticket fly



Cheers Behind The Hype. I am Ohio for the last time. Enjoy the shows and find me at
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