tumblr_mqnstrL9IE1qczsa8o1_500Cherry Poppin' Daddies turned The Roxy into a full swing dance club last Thursday! Everyone brought out their dancing shoes and amazing retro swing outfits. No one was half assing it, people were soaked in sweat and grinning from ear to ear by the end of the set. People were even dancing on the sidewalk outside the venue. The isle had guys in hats and vests and girls in polka dotted dresses dancing the night away. The opening bands did a great job warming up the audience but the main attraction was undoubtidly the Daddies. A brass section gave a full big band sound and an old time dance feel. Known for their 1997 swing hit Zoot Suit Riot, the band has filled the swing niche that I am very happy has survived. tumblr_mqnvfgQ5Iy1qczsa8o3_r1_500Frontman, Steve Perry, worked the stage and danced the entire night. Some girls nearly rushed the stage when he started hip thrusting and stage flirting with the front row.

Formed in 1989, the band has been perfecting the swing and ska combo with a fantastic brass section that separates them from the rest. The songs are usually a satyricall take on darker themes like alcoholism, class struggle and always lighter musical themes like sex with "bow legged women". I loved the comedically dark lyrics mixed with the upbeat dance music. The guys are currently on tour supporting their July 13th release of White Teeth, tumblr_mqnvfgQ5Iy1qczsa8o2_500Black Thoughts, their second album release since they officially reunited in 2002. "Americana" songs in rockabilly and rhythm and blues styles, fill the album and if you want to go out dancing, please hit up one of their shows! Try some dancing!

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(All photos by photobytamea.com)