My hand is emblazoned with a stamp that says "Lush" on it and I am allowed entry into the sea of sameness that is provided by the motherfucking pandemic known as the flannel t-shirt (so far confined to Echo Park and vicinity). The one thing getting me through the first two acts is the promise of Blue Jungle at the end of the thermal patterned rainbow. Well, that, a screwdriver, and two vodka cranberries. Nonetheless, I'm sure the members of Blue Jungle were more intoxicated and still managed the most enlivened and charismatic performance at Critical Mass on Saturday.

Blue Jungle

Lately Blu Blu, the band's emboldened and unapologetically visceral lead vocalist, took the stage in black shorts, heels, and a black and white striped sweater. Opening with "I'm A Ninja," she wasted no time in careening/dancing onto the open space of the bowling alley floor. Some seemed thrown by her breaking the fourth wall, so to speak, but the mostly male audience was not that irked by her close proximity.

Baby Don't Cry album cover

In between songs, Lately Blu Blu acknowledged that 1) Sometimes you don't know when you've had too many drinks (or drugs) and 2) It was guitarist Cory's birthday. Other tracks to follow were "Loser" and their two most trumpeted songs on the Baby Don't Cry album, "Oh Suicide" and "Mean Things." Tragically missing from the set were "Bombay Sapphire" and "Los Angeles."

The Blue Jungle emblem

Although the crowd at Mr. T's Bowl was somewhat scant and possibly more interested in seeing The Shade and Seasons, Blue Jungle, I hope, experienced a Sex Pistols in Manchester moment, wherein the number of people in attendance is not relevant to the effect they will have on music.

At the end, there was applause that was slightly less enthusiastic than a throng of geriatrics clapping over the accomplishment of eating solid foods, prompting Cory to note, "The last time I heard applause like that was when I saw someone having sex with a donkey." Either that, or he said, "The last time I heard applause like that was after someone saw me having sex with a woman." Two very different scenarios, but I think either is applicable.

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