Today, Peace'd Out released its debut E.P., a blistering 5-song set featuring that can best be described as a kick in the teeth (or pants, depending on whichever hurts the most).

But it's a GOOD hurt.

Peace'd Out is a new project from Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife/I Am the Avalanche, Steve Choi, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist of RX Bandits, Casey Deitz of the Velvet Teen and Roger Camero of No Motiv. 

As this might suggest, Peace'd Out's sound is pretty experimental - and Caruana's screamed vocals demonstrate a side of him a lot of music fans probably didn't know he had. It works very well - he snarls and shouts along to the songs, which routinely change tempos and rhythms.

Steve Choi helped inject RX Bandits with some of their musical personality, and it's the same situation with this project - riffs swirl, chug, re-charge, shift directions and waterfall around creating powerful, slamming crescendos of six-string rage that accentuates Caruana's voice perfectly.

On Twitter, I referred to Peace'd Out as sounding 'otherwordly', and the band corrected me with the phrase 'space mosh' - which is exactly what this is. It's next-level.

If you haven't gotten the point of this post yet - THIS EP RULES. Go get it on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify. Better yet, buy it straight from them!

And support these guys - who knows, maybe if enough people buy this EP they can go out on tour...because they'd undboutedly have one hell of a live show.

Stay in-tune with them at Facebook.