After photographing a show with the boys of NO at The Bootleg theater, I was asked to join them at the Troubadour for a worthy and more than heartbreaking cause. Invisible Children, a non profit started a few years ago by San Diego based film makers, is a coalition of workers and volunteers working to end the world's longest running war. They are constantly working on the ground in Central Africa and in the Us to raise money and awareness. The Troubadour's two night event was in support of the cause and the bands were thrilled to be involved.NO, an LA based band was introduced as a group of musicians that can expect big things in the coming year. I couldn't agree more and I am anxious to see what 2012 brings for the band. If you weren't lucky enough to go to the benefit, be sure to catch them in the LA area in the new year.

From the opening band NO who made many new and I am sure, loyal fans, to Mountain Goats who's on stage banter was almost as good as the music, the night was a beautiful way to spend the holidays. With a sold out show, thanks in part to some of the die-hard fans of The Mountain Goats, the audience was singing along to everything they knew and hanging on every word of the unfamiliar lyrics. More than a few people that I spoke to had been on the road for quite a while to come to the show and they all agreed that it was more than worth that distance.

Invisible Children, putting the full room to good use, took a few moments between sets to speak about the cause and raffle off some prizes to some lucky audience members. Keeping the audience involvement going, when John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats heard an incoherent shout, he joked that someone, confused about their location, had yelled "Rock Concert?". I later found out that someone had yelled "Wax Museum" but to each his own. Even with the inadvertent shout outs, a down to earth and intimate venue like the Troubadour was a perfect space for the night's sets and benefit. After raising funds and awareness, the two night event was quite the success and I look forward to more like it.

Cheers to everyone! Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and while I take my little vacation back east to my namesake, celebrate and have a great end of 2011 and start to 2012! ~Ohio

For more information on Invisible Children and upcoming shows and benefits, be sure to visit