TheNewUp_BetterOff_CDcoverHires (500 x 455)

The Bay Area is known for its eclectic styles, with the weather as unpredictable as they are endearing. This is in a nutshell how I feel about the recently MTV crowned Bay Area Breakout band, The New Up.

Last month, the ever vigilant and patiently hard working Janelle R. from Green Light Go gave me the second of three planned EP’s, entitled Better Off. With plans to release a full length album sometime next year, I was given a look into the world of a woman and her band with a thirst for the un-average.

How do you describe their sound? Think of Metric, with a touch of the Rolling Stones, with a front woman with an addictive, classy, lingering, and almost show-tuney voice, with a flute that sounds straight out of a samurai movie. Does that help? I didn’t think so, but that’s only a fraction of what came to mind when listening to the EP several times over.

The theme seems to take a swing at those not-so-great males that come from the darkest places on the emotional planet. Somehow these men get to the better-bred women; and I don’t get upset over this, as we would have never heard this great release.

The alarm after the ticking clock of the intro track Dear Life talks about the pathetic things we hold on to in life that are in fact dragging us down. There’s something rather endearing about hearing about the plight we face so blatantly shown to us again, even if we may not heed its warnings.

The second track, Better Off was my favorite of the five, as it took the most creative paths musically, with Middle Eastern instruments, and flutes looming in the background. The band knows how to bring forth a stable formula to the table, but also when to put the plain stuff down and mix it up a little bit.

I wish I could have seen the expression on the faces of the MTV judges when the instrument arsenal was brought out to show and prove that the bay wasn’t messing around. From the flute dabblings of Better Off, to the rolling guitar riffs of FYRUFN (Fuck You Ryan Until Further Notice if you’re nasty), I had a great time discovering just what was going in Ms. Pitcher’s head.

The band is on tour, so check out what you’re missing on their MySpace for the big picture.

Until next time my friends,