If you haven't heard by now (or really didn't care and still don't), Panic at the Disco recently split up down the middle, with Frontman Brandon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith retaining the Panic! at the Disco Moniker, and ex-guitarist and ex-bassist Ryan Ross and Jon Walker forming The Young Veins. A Month ago, The band stated on their Myspace blog that the band had split up due to creative differences. Two days ago, both bands released one single from each band, and from each one, we can gather where the respective acts are headed, as far as their musical direction. 257d7pc

First up, we have Urie and Smith's leaner lineup of P!aTD, and their single, New Perspective, which is featured in the new movie Jennifer's Body, starring Meagan Fox. The single sounds as if the duo took a healthy step away from their sound on Pretty.Odd. and five steps toward the sound they established in A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. If this single is any indication to the sound we should expect on their new Album, then it appears that this effort with play as the proper followup to their debut. Traces of their last LP are still apparent in this single, but seems as if the two remaining members of the band want to play it closer to their roots this time around.


In absolute contrast, we have The Young Veins. Upon hearing their new single Change, it's obvious who drove the acoustic sound of Panic!'s last effort Pretty.Odd., as this  indie styled song sounds like the bastard love child of the Kinks and the Beatles. While is it enjoyable to listen to, the entire execution of the song, from the deliberate analog style of recording to the mono sounding mix, sounds a bit forced, as if the sound achieved was the sound that was aimed for, instead of an organic progression and growth. However, it is a refreshing sound, and it's hard to overlook that.

In my opinion, I actually like the Young Veins sound compare the P!aTD sound. Granted, I give it a lot of shit, but I only do that because it seems apparent that they made their sound like that. That fact aside, its a great listen. I guess time will tell which one will outlast the other, or perhaps they can simply co-exist as two separate bands and live down their past turmoil.

What do you think? Which Band is better: the new Panic! at the Disco, or The Young Veins?

Check out the Panic at the Disco Myspace page:http://www.myspace.com/panicatthedisco

Check out The Young veins Myspace Page:http://www.myspace.com/theyoungveins