Picture 306 Picture 307The Echo was packed with the usual Echo Park frequenters and everyone was there to see Akron/Family. I made my way with a couple friends to the back portch where we met some people whose lives were changed by the music we were about to hear. We sat down and quickly started up a conversation with some guys taking a smoke break. I asked them if they had been fans for long (one was wearing a band t-shirt, so clearly he was there for the band) His answer was actually pretty fantastic!

"Yeah! You know, I was introduced to them a few years ago and I jokingly said that if they needed an extra recorder up there on stage. Later they brought me up there to play for a second. I kept in touch with them, but really that was a hard time for me and their music became a big part of what got me through that time. I support their shows now and come out whenever I can"

Though I wasn't able to ask the band about the mysterious additional musician that they had for a minute years back, but he seemed truly happy and changed by the music. Our conversation continued and we were later showed one of the best "hipster dances" I've ever seen. There was a lot of arm swinging involved.

Friends that I went to the show with had been wanting to see the show for years and by the look on their faces when the set started, it was all they wanted and surpassed their expectations.

The band took to the stage with the crowd eager to hear the newer songs. Rock and electronic infused music with a hint of ballad, the guys put on a tipsy and slightly psychedelic show inviting the audience to sway and hum along.  When the band makes their way to you, and hopefully back here to LA, join them for the night. Like our new friend, let their music change you for the better and embrace a stage invite if you get one!

The band's newest release Sub Verses was released on April 30th, 2013 on Dead Oceans label. The tour is taking them around North America and over to the UK for a time before coming back and ending their trip in Canada.


See you at the shows!


(Photos by Tamea at photobytamea.com)


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