As a skinny jeans/old man cardigan-wearing hipster who meditates over the lyrics of Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde, I feel it only appropriate that my first review should pertain to Britney’s new album, Circus. As much fun as it is to name drop indie rock psychedelic bands like Sunset Rubdown at art kid parties, every righteous musical strategist is allowed one to two major “oopsies”. While I might try to lure someone in to my deep musical knowledge by relating the Velvet Underground to the new work of the Crystal Stilts, I am still allowed to have a few songs on my iPod that render no deep thought, progress me to an earlier Freudian state, and turn me into some kind of reality television bimbo.Britney's Circus 

I find Circus to be particularly inventive because, unlike the average pop album, it is targeted at both the completely idiotic and the intellectually elite. The track If You Seek Amy, to the fifteen year old girl and person without a pulse, is an innocent song about seeking out some bitch named Amy, whereas to the people with half of a brain, the song dictates a fun, flirty, and completely over the top sexual invitation. As Britney says in the song Circus,“there are only two types of people in this world.” How mind boggling is it then for people that browse libraries and go to art-house flicks to debate where this division of two takes place, and how much fun is it for a sorority sister in waiting to shake her ninety-five pound bone collection to the fast inviting beats? Swear to whomever, the whole album makes me feel like I’m floating in a crack infested candy store where everyone is wearing neon jumpers and doing palm readings for shits and giggles.

It has remnants of early Ace of Base, the signature unnecessary pop album “guitar solos,” and a little help from Imogen Heap on the track Unusual You, which sounds remarkably reminiscent of her Hide and Seek song that got parodied on Saturday Night Live. From start to finish, Circus takes you on some kind of journey, whether it be finding yourself or just finding yourself shakin' what yo mama gave you. Unlike B’s previous work, this is not an album that would “totally be so much better if you were drunk." The album, in and of itself, makes you feel drunk.

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