I Spent the day on the pier with music, food, and fire throwers: be jealous. Last weekend, I was invited by frontman Bradly Carter to join the quickly rising band NO at this year's LobsterFest at the Los Angeles Port. On a personal note, I've got to say, I have become what people call a "recovering vegetarian". I couldn't quite go all out with my own meal that was staring back. So I had a bite of NO's sound engineer's lobster. Well done though Lobsterfest, there were lines of people and plates full of the little red critter.

For a change of pace, I took the opportunity to shoot on film. I am here for the music, but I made my way here because of the photography. I started on film  about 12 years ago and I have been revisiting the medium. The photos below are untouched film shots of the set, our lobster lunch and some of the side acts. I hope you enjoy. It has a much different feel than the digital photos that I usually deliver.


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The fest was more family oriented than most of Kroq's endeavors with a pirate show, fire throwers and a sword swallower. If you were not familiar with the band playing you could venture to the carnival rides and games for family fun.

I first shot a NO show last year at The Troubadour and I became friends with the members but also a fan. Their sound and presence have gained a large following and at every show I am happy to see new fans join in. This set was the best of theirs I have seen. The atmosphere at the fest was summer Saturday fantastic and the performances by Bradley, Reese, Mike, Sean and Ryan had the crowd wowed. The guys played new songs from a recent recording and writing session in Big Bear and closed out their show with the new Kroq locals favorite, "Stay With Me". http://vimeo.com/36803653

NO, based out of Los Angeles, will soon be headed out on a North American tour, so if you are not able to see them here, be sure to catch a show when they get to a city near you. Check on tour dates here www.nomusicfor.me

Till next time, See you at the show!






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