Picture 38530 Seconds to Mars invited 250 of their biggest fans out to an intimate show at LA's Historical Unitarian Church. Picture 384The band, introduced by KROQ's Stryker, played songs from their new album as well as some that were simply never released. Jared Leto, with his acoustic guitar played one song that seemed incredibly sombre but quite pretty. He stopped before the end and explained that it was a song that he never finished and did not seem to have any plans to do so. They went on to take requests but with the fans yelling out every song the band has released, they decided to pick and choose some old and new songs. The acoustic “Kings and Queens” from their previous album, This Is War, was my personal favorite. Thirty Seconds to Mars, made up of Leto, his brother Shannon and Tomo Milicevi, was in full celebration mode! New album Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams came out that night, and the show was like a big party to celebrate the release.

At the beginning of the set there seemed to be some technical difficulties and the lighting was non existent. Leto, seeming to be stalling finally yelled out "Guys! Turn on the lights! If I can't see, neither can they! This must be what ladies feel like! Man, just put it in already!" Sexual innuendo from him caused screams, nervous laughter and the girl in front of me to literally start fanning herself with her newly purchased vinyl.

About five songs into the set, Leto stopped the show to invite a fan on stage. He invited a young girl on stage saying that she has been crying the entire show. She joined him on stage and hiccups in full swing could barely say anything. The girl, Chloe 14 was barley able to compose herself enough to hug him and sit down for the next song.

Picture 380The band is incredibly divisive. People seem to love or hate them with no in between. Then there are those that just think, "hey! That guy was in movies!" He was, but I think it's fair to say after millions of records sold and some of the most intensive tours in the business, Leto in the last few years, has made the change to a full blown music career. A few days after the set, on his twitter feed, Leto announced that he would be out at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood with his guitar. A few hours later, he posted photos of himself and fans on the cement handprints. It's a very unique and very effective way to reach and stay connected to the fans but nothing out did the Sleepover. It was exactly what it sounds like. Five fans from allover the world were invited to have a sleepover at the band house and recording studio. I truly do not know of another band that has orchestrated a sleepover in their frontman's home. More power to them I suppose, but I can't be the only one that was almost expecting the headline "Mars Frontman held hostage in own home by enthusiastic fan.". Luckily, I was wrong and all went well. I'll be interested to know that they do to step it up next time.

For now the band is headed out to Europe for a summer tour to support the new album. In the fall, after hitting South America, Japan and Australia, they will be returning to Southern California for at least one show in San Diego.Picture 381 If you have not yet seen one of their live shows, go for it! You might end up on stage with the band!

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