You might find yourself in quite a few unusual scenarios in this life, and there's only one artist with the song catalogue to perfectly define them all. Below are the twenty Madonna songs for any conceivable event. Oh, the horror (of life)!

20) "Like A Virgin”: When you’re having sex for the second to fifth time in your life .

19) "Take A Bow": For when you want to cut yourself but still feel elegant.

18) “Into the Groove”: When you’re snorting coke.

17) “Express Yourself”: When you’re trying to get a promotion.

16) “Erotica”: When you’re trying to bring the spice back into your relationship.

15) “Hollywood”: When you’re driving through Hollywood as you have the epiphany that you need to move.

14) “Sorry”: When you’re about to break up with someone.

13) “Material Girl”: When you’re shopping.

12) “Live to Tell”: When you’ve just robbed a convenience store.

11) “Bedtime Story”: When you’re experimenting with methadone.

10) “Beautiful Stranger”: Before you get roofied.

9) “Nothing Really Matters”: When you’re having an existential crisis.

8) “Borderline”: When you’re traveling from California to Mexico.

7) “Die Another Day”: When you’ve just had a failed suicide attempt.

6) “Girl Gone Wild”: When you’re “in da club.”

5) "Drowned World/Substitute For Love": When you're justifying why you've started to go out to bars less and less.

4) “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”: When you’re leaving Argentina as a tourist or being deported there as an illegal resident of somewhere else.

3) "Like A Prayer”: When you’re getting in touch with your spiritual, cross-burning side.

2) “Who’s That Girl”: When you’ve recently gotten amnesia.

1) “Vogue”: When you feel like embracing a dance craze that incorporates celebrity names.

So there you are. No matter how boring or multi-faceted your life may be, surely one of the songs on this list will apply to you.