The upbeat single "We Come Running" has been playing all over the LA radio Stations and the band Youngblood Hawke is making the best of their new found fame. I spoke with Sam Martin about swimming with sharks, writing music, tour van snacks and their tourmates Passion Pitt. While they made their way in the tour van with bandmates Nik Hughes, Alice Katz, Simon Katz, and Tasso Smith, I joined by phone.

I asked how the tour was going and with a quick reply of "Well... I'm eating Pringles in the van right now. Where... guys where are we? Minnesota! We're headed to Minneapolis for a show." I knew it was a fun laid back group of musicians. A Laid back group that swims with sharks.

If you have not seen their music video for the hit “When we come running” you should take a few minutes to watch it (below). The band “took the opportunity to do something we wouldn’t normally do. Simon had the idea to swim with sharks.” No one in the band had ever done anything like that in the past, and after what sounds like a quick introduction, they were thrown in the water. “We had a twenty minute class in like a 4 ft pool and they just let us get in. It was the scariest thing we had ever done.”

The music video was for more than just a band trip to the Bahamas. The band wanted to raise awareness about the sharks and the islands themselves. “We wanted to show in a way, that sharks are not evil or blood thirsty. They might attack if they think there is food, but it is not what they do.” After watching critically acclaimed documentary “The Cove” their decision was made. “The animals, the people, just that entire island was so beautiful and we were so happy to get there for the video”.

The song itself is about conquering your fears and overcoming obstacles so doing something daring and new was a great way to go and I am hoping that their upcoming videos keep up the quality and feel of the video. “We are planning out the next video actually! It is very top secret though.” So we will have to wait on that, but it looks like the videos will be a great part of the band.

“We’ve been touring with Passion Pitt and it is a great group of people. Our job is to open the night with high energy and a vibe like Passion Pitt. It’s a little bit of a dance party.” He continued “More of just a high energy night, not so much a dance party or a rave or something.” Talking with the other bandmates we discussed the tour, on their way to Minneapolis.

The band as it is, has not be around for long, but “Simon and I were in a band” but the collaboration with the other members of that band ended in 2010.

That end was a new beginning for Youngblood Hawke. “Simon and I recorded some demos and gave them to the people that we wanted to have in the new band and we got lucky.” The new band was a group of best friends making music. I wondered if that ever makes it hard to get the work done and have a low level of drama. They seem to be an easy going group and Sam and Simon take advantage of a home studio that has allowed for the writing and recording of the record.

“We are almost done with this part of the tour.” audibly turns to bandmates in the van. “no, we have about seven more stops on this part of the tour.” We’ll be going back out with Keane and then on our own for a few shows.” The band will make their way around the US with Passion Pitt and Keane before returning to LA for a show at The Roxy. “We love that venue, so we’ll be happy to get back there for the show.”


I was lucky enough to go to their show at the Roxy on Wednesday. They delivered what they promised! The venue always has a fun atmosphere but that night it did turn into a true dance party. The venue was packed and the audience danced and jumped along with every word. "Forever" was my personal favorite to hear live but their entire set was an energetic and fun time. The band themselves had a blast with the night and took time to thank everyone for coming out to the show. "I think last time there were about 20 people here! Now look at this fucking place!"

If you can make it to KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas' night 2 you will be able to see their set in a much larger venue! Enjoy!

Till next time!

Cheers and see you at the show!


(Photos by Tamea)

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