Apparently, THIS is Weezer's new album cover. The album, entitled "Hurley", will be released via Epitaph Records on September 14th. As a result, the album cover is....Hurley from everyone's favorite "trapped-on-an-island-or-maybe-not-but-maybe-so-wait-who-knows-this-is-silly" series Lost.

I don't really have any words for this, as it really seems like some kind of joke. I know Weezer is all caught up in the "we can do whatever we want! woo hoo!" period of their career, highlighted by insipid jams with Lil Wayne and album covers with flying dogs and such, but this? Seriously?

The name for the album is already questionable, but making the cover just Jorge Garcia's face? There's not even a flying =W= anywhere to be seen.

When I found out about this story, I checked the date...nope it's not April Fools Day. Hmm....

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