Hungry for new Incubus? Okay, even if you aren't, if you were as disillusioned by Light Grenades as I was, give this a chance.

I found this video of the band performing a new song, Surface To Air, from some South American gig a week or so ago...check it:

Based off of this performance, I think I really dig this song. It seems much more inspired and creative than the super low-key stuff on Light Grenades...

I had, like many of my friends, been disappointed with LG, as the songs were poppier, much more mellow, and seemingly uninspired compared to Brandon Boyd and Co.'s prior output...but I'm impressed with this song. The melodies are thick, the instruments really vibrant, and overall this song gives me some hope for their next album.

Stay tuned in the coming days for Flak's review of the Smokeout Festival in San Bernardino last night, which also featured a lengthy set by Incubus.

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