Los Angeles' Vanaprasta have partnered with Spotify, the world’s leading digital music service, to release the Effie House Sessions. The EP,  features alt versions of tracks from their well received debut LP Healthy Geometry, and will be available exclusively on Spotify until April 6th, when it will be available on all major DSP's.
The Effie House Sessions captures "stripped down" takes of songs on Healthy Geometry, which was released on 11/1/11. Not entirely acoustic, and not entirely electric, the production style finds its space somewhere in between. Both  Healthy Geometry and Effie House Sessions were produced by Dave Schiffman [The Mars Volta and The Red Hot Chili Peppers]. On the inspiration behind the EP, guitarist Cameron Dmytryk said: “We have done a couple semi-acoustic and acoustic shows before and noticed they really explored a different side of us as songwriters. Schiffman and we decided to further tap into that, and the Effie House Sessions is the result.”
Vanaprasta recently completed a West Coast tour with The Features and played the Bootleg in Los Angeles on Friday March 9th before heading to Austin to play seven showcases at SXSW.
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