Picture 130They have a new slightly more upbeat Radiohead sound when live and I'm happy to say I've been able to see them play a few times around the LA area. New transplants from Provo, Utah, the band is quickly catching ears and making fans. When I saw them in Hollywood at The Bordot, the house was packed and to see we piled up on the stage for their first 2013 La show. Their new play on 2000's alternative rock was actually able to make me instantly need to hear more. With a stage presence that will soon require much bigger venues, I see them going places quickly! Seeing them later at The Echo with many familiar faces in the venue, their softly melodic and sombre music grabbed my heart. Currently making their way around the UK with Imagine Dragons, the boys will be returning shortly, to LA and hopefully playing some more local shows before taking off again. The band made up of; Brandon Robbins- (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Garbett- (Keys/Vocals), Andrew Tolman- (Drums), Spencer Petersen- (Bass), and Scott Vance( Synth Aux) is touring in support of their new EP. Produced by Atoms For Peace's Joey Waronker, it will be well worth a listen!

Picture 310Their lyrics, sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes not, are beautiful expressions of many universal and human experiences. They have done a beautiful job of telling stories in each melody.

When you get a chance to see them play, I highly recommend it! Follow them on Facebook for info on their upcoming shows and where you can see them!

As always,

See you at the show!



(Photos by Tamea at Photobytamea.com)




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