the matches band Back in 2009, the tremendously talented Bay Area pop/rock/indie band the Matches called it quits.

As I had grown up with their music, attending gigs nearly weekly during my high school years as they played to packed youth centers and the now-defunct recording space/venue iMusicast on Telegraph Avenue, their dissolution was a big deal.

Their farewell show at the Fillmore was spectacular - and prompted me to write this warm remembrance piece.

For the past month or so, the band suddenly became active on social media again - their Facebook and Twitter accounts began posting nostalgic 'back in the day' pictures. Thoughts of a reunion sprang to life, even though singer/guitarist Shawn Harris is busy now with Fortress Social Club and guitarist Jon Devoto is immersed in the music production world.

HOWEVER - as it turned out, those suspicions were confirmed when the band announced a special ONE NIGHT ONLY gig at Slim's in San Francisco. The show went on sale today and sold out almost immediately, as it's one of the more intimate venues in the city.

The show will be a tenth anniversary celebration of their debut album E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals, which was re-released on Epitaph Records in 2004 after being self-released the year before.

Though this special Slim's gig is billed as 'one night and one night only', you never know - the crazy demand for tickets to this show could always prompt them to add another gig somewhere...only time will tell.

One thing's for certain, though: it's GREAT to have the Matches back.

--Cheese Sandwich

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