I spoke with David Stükenberg via phone and I was happy to hear about his newly released album Novella. With an Appalachian-rock feel the album grasps your attention and refuses to let go. When I asked him about the story that is clear throughout the album, he told me that it was based on stories and songs that he wrote with his sister about their time growing up in the southern midwest. He told me a heartbreaking story of his dog's death and how he saw it as a child. Southern flair and sad stories about lost dogs though does not mean it is a twang inspired country album. Appalachian Rock is exactly what he achieved with the feel of early Fleetwood Mac. Dark undertones with beautiful guitar driven beats make up the aptly named Novella (Available today! Nov 12, 2013)

As the tale of Novella tells, Stükenberg has moved and explored the US and we talked about his new home in Austin, TX. He told me, and I tend to agree that it is becoming a bit of a Los Angeles. The music, the night life, and the new people flocking to it have made it a great place for new artists and musicians. I told him that my only experienc of Austin has been SXSW but he insisted that I must visit the city even without the excitement of the festival.

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With such a raw and story driven album, I am excited to see him play live and I am hoping for tour dates to be announced soon. I will be sure to keep you posted on any updates. For now, I believe he has been playing in his home Austin so if you are lucky enough to be in that lovely city, check him out!

For more information on any upcoming events and where to find more music (please enjoy the video above!) follow the links below.

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