Recently reunited grunge gods Soundgarden have revealed the artwork for their upcoming career-spanning compilation album entitled Telephantasm.

I really like the color scheme on this artwork, and the picture itself is neat too. A curious-looking dog on a moon or snow-capped mountain range with ruins of some sort on the side? Okay, Cornell & Company, whatever you wish. It does look pretty though.

As with most big releases in today's music world, Telephantasm will come in a slew of different versions: Single disc CD, double-disc CD/DVD version, and superfan collectible Double CD/DVD/3 Vinyl set. This seems primed to appeal to Soundgarden fans of any level of obsession.

The track list for the 2-disc edition (which I will be buying) is as follows:

01. All Your Lies 02. Hunted Down 03. Fopp 04. Beyond The Wheel 05. Flower (BBC session – previously unreleased) 06. Hands All Over 07. Big Dumb Snake 08. Get On The Snake (live) 09. Room A Thousand Years Wide (single version) 10. Rusty Cage 11. Outshined 12. Slaves & Bulldozers


01. Jesus Christ Pose (live) 02. Birth Ritual 03. My Wave 04. Superunknown 05. Spoonman 06. Black Hole Sun 07. Fell On Black Days (video version) 08. Burden In My Hand 09. Dusty 10. Pretty Noose (live on SNL and previously unreleased) 11. Blow Up The Outside World (MTV LIve ‘N’ Loud and previously unreleased) 12. Black Rain

Yep, that's the "new" song Black Rain closing out the disc. The Deluxe Edition comes with a DVD of all the band's music videos and rare cuts/different edits, which is a nice addition as well.

It's great that Soundgarden is releasing another best-of collection, but I (and millions of other grunge/1990s enthusiasts) are more interested in tour announcements. Lollapalooza was fun for those who caught the show, but the rest of us are just getting antsy and restless waiting for an announcement that has yet to be proclaimed.

Still, Telephantasm looks like a great piece of Soundgarden memorabilia that will be hitting the shelves on September 27th.

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