New Full Length Record to Drop in Summer of 2011

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Malibu, CA- The California alternative hip hop duo of Shwayze and Cisco Adler is back! The dudes who shot to the top of the pop charts while “Buzzin” on “Corona and Lime” are now singing about a special “Summertime Girl…” And she's hot as hell!

Fresh off the release of Shwayze and Cisco: The W's, the mini-album they gave out free via the internet and social networks, Shwayze and Cisco are headed into the studio to record their 3rd full length LP. The mixtape was downloaded 10,000 times in the first hour and shot to the top of the HypeMachine popular charts. The two plan to reclaim their throne as the black sheep of pop music... Equal parts Lennon and McCartney and Cheech and Chong: hopeless romantics with a heart and a hash pipe.

"'Summertime Girl' is an ode to summer love. Everyone has been there," Adler says, reporting live from Malibu, Ca.

A video featuring LA fans and friends is set to be shot in March and the single will go to radio shortly after.

"We are headed into the studio to make our best album yet. This is gonna be the best summer ever," says Shwayze with an east smile and a hint of sarcasm. But something tells me he isn't kidding. Stay tuned...

The full length LP is set to come out in the Summer of 2011. To download the mini-album from Bandcamp visit For more information visit,, and

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