In case you just COULD NOT wait to hear about this year's installment of the annual Rockstar Mayhem Festival (and I know you couldn't), here it is.

Because it is 2003, this year's lineup is as follows: Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, Machine Head, In Flames, Trivium, and two rotating side stages involving Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Straight Line Stitch, Unearth, Kingdom of Sorrow, and Red Fang.

This year, the folks at Rockstar are trying something new: discounted tickets if your truck has Yosemite Sam mud flaps and/or if you wear one of those "If You Can See This, The Bitch Fell Off" t-shirts. Also, you can save $5 for every empty 36-pack box of Coors Light you bring to the box office.

Okay okay, maybe those last few things were a joke, but would they really be that far-fetched?

But still, this lineup is pretty silly. A festival tour that has had headliners such as Slipknot, Korn & Rob Zombie, Slayer, and Marilyn Manson in the past, and Disturbed is the best they can get?

Does Disturbed solely exist now, in 2011, to occasionally make albums and then do this tour every summer? It sure seems like they do.

Oh yeah, there's also some fine print on the website about some schedule changes for a few of the bands: On July 9th in San Bernardino, CA, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's metal cartoon phenomenon DETHKLOK will perform in the place of MEGADETH, and colossal Bay Area thrash kings TESTAMENT will perform in the place of IN FLAMES. TESTAMENT will also perform in the place of IN FLAMES on the July 10th Mountain View, CA date. MEGADETH will not be appearing on the Montreal, QC Heavy MTL date. Other bands will be announced for Heavy MTL soon.

If you are REALLY interested in finding out more about this shenaniganfest, check out the official site here. Or, watch this video below to get your blood pumping and fist smashing.

Rockstar chugging is not required, but is suggested, for maximum awesome.