Kicking off on September 12th in Sacramento, reggae/rock bands the Expendables and Iration will team up for a co-headlining tour. Cisco Adler will open each date.

As far as reggae/rock bands go, this is a pretty perfect pairing (alliteration!), and anybody catching a gig will be in for a solid night of jams, fun and good vibes.

I've personally seen both bands more than a handful of times, and seeing them progress over the years has been pretty special - I can only imagine how a full set from each of them in one night will be.

To get you warmed up for the tour, here's the official sampler:

To view all the tour dates and get involved/help spread the word about the tour, CLICK HERE.

And if you're interested, here's my interview with Geoff of the Expendables.

Don't miss this tour!

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