Santa Barbara's own Rebelution will release their first new music since 2009's Bright Side of Life on January 10th, on a triple album (!) titled Peace of Mind.

Released on their own label 87 Music, Peace of Mind is really a pretty sweet package.

Besides the first disc of 12 new Rebelution jams, the 2nd and third discs are acoustic and dub versions of the album, respectively.

The Peace of Mind experience may find the band in uncharted territory, which could result in some new musical adventures for them:

Expanding beyond their usual self-production, Rebelution collaborated with five different producers including Goldwasser (Easy Star All-Stars), Amplive (Zion-I), Yeti Beats (Kool Keith, George Clinton), Keith Armstrong and Errol Brown (Stephen, Ziggy, Damian, and Bob Marley), building upon their signature style and venturing into different musical landscapes.

You can go to the band's website and grab a free download of the album's first single, Sky is the Limit, a driving, up-tempo number that is an inviting sense of what's in store on the album. Oh, and the free download is all three versions of the song, too.

The past two years have found Rebelution graduating to the top of the reggae class, and the sheer size of their newest projects implies that they're bound to reach even loftier heights.

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