This weekend, I enjoyed a day getting back to my roots of production on a working set with Dann Saxton, Mike Elling, Ted Barakat and Gabe Heredia of Kill The Complex.


I was invited by frontman Dann Saxton to visit his band, Kill the Complex,  for a day of shooting on set of their video. Ever since meeting the guys in 2011 at an acoustic set in Hollywood, I have been following their progress and things have been taking off! With recent support by CAA and great things to look forward to the guys are looking forward to 2012. When I arrived on location at Apache Studios in North Hollywood I was greeted by a foggy set with temperatures reminiscent of a sauna. Everyone though was in good spirits and the work was running on time and smoothly. Talking with Dann, he was happy with the progress and filled me in on the first day's shooting. They had spent the previous day breaking glass objects and using bb guns and when they talked about it as if it had given them a day back in childhood.  Dann and the band had put their trust in music video Director, Sebastian Davis and after seeing the shoot, I'm looking forward to seeing what they come back with. The video will be streeming exclusively on in the coming weeks.


Shine, from the band's new album Evolution, can be heard on LA's own KROQ and is quickly gaining popularity. KROQ's dj's have been very supportive of the band.

On set with the crew and band the atmosphere was relaxed an upbeat with the band playing bits and pieces of songs between takes, joking to eachother. With experience working on music videos in the past, I have grown to appreciate the benefit of liking the song you are shooting, because you will hear it about 200 times by the end of the day. Thankfully I like this one enough to listen to it one more time after I left driving back home from the set. Though the shoot was a success and I am looking forward to seeing the end result, the shooting day was a sad one for music. Between shots we were given the news that Whitney Houston had died in Beverly Hills. With all the twitter death hoaxes, I thought it must have been another one. Of course, after about 30 iPhones came out to confirm that it was not a hoax and one crew member yelled "No! guys! It must be true! It's on Facebook!". Moments later, the band sang to themselves a pretty impressive rendition of Didn't we Almost have it All.



Thanks to the guys of Kill the Complex and the great crew members I had the pleasure of meeting for reminding me how much I love being on set. Crazy as it may seem.


Till next time my fellow music lovers, listen to some Kill The Complex and visit their site here at