September 2011 marks the 20th (yes, TWENTIETH) anniversary of Nirvana's classic album Nevermind. As expected, Universal Records is gearing up for the milestone in an unsurprising fashion: a crazy deluxe re-release that is basically a boxed set of even more unreleased Nirvana tunes.

Nevermind's 20th birthday celebration edition will consist of 4 CD's and 1 DVD. As Spin reports, it will include "rarities, b-sides, and unreleased recordings", as well as a DVD of a previously unreleased live set. If the prospect of 4 more discs of Nirvana tunes confuses you, you're not alone. With the Lights Out basically covered EVERY unreleased Nirvana song that we're ever going to hear, so it will be interesting to find out if the Nevermind re-issue has any repeat tracks, or if it's just more unreleased BBC Radio performances.

Hopefully, the CD of Nevermind itself will come in re-mastered form, since the original version is so...compressed and not as "raw" as it should have been. It would be great to get a scuzzy dissonant recording of Drain You and Lounge Act.

A statement from Universal hinted at various "special events and releases" throughout the year to further celebrate the second decade of Nevermind's influence on modern rock music.

The re-issue is set to be released on September 19th.

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