M.I.A., Britain's finest honorary citizen, has re-emerged with a single called "Bad Girls" (you thought it was going to spelled with a "z" didn't you?). With a bhangra-esque beat that M.I.A. is no stranger to wielding, the track is part of M.I.A.'s months early promotion of her fourth studio album (the title of which has yet to be revealed). The sound of the track mirrors what we heard on Kala, the album that launched M.I.A. into the forefront of mass public consciousness.

Chanting what is perhaps M.I.A.'s own personal mantra, "Live fast, die young/Bad girls do it well," this is a song with a chorus ideal for dance floors and the interiors of cars across America. M.I.A. is also teaming up with Romain Gavras (who directed the video for "Born Free") again for the "Bad Girls" video, set to debut on February 3rd, the same day, incidentally, that "Gimme All Your Luvin'", the song she collaborated on with Madonna and Nicki Minaj, is to be released. So look out 2012, M.I.A. is back with a vengeance.