Last time I took photos of MC Prototype, I was covering his music video shoot in Living Legends' Scarab's in home studio space. That though was two years ago. We needed to get some new shots and talk about his newest projects. (Photos below are from the Chasing Dreams video shoot Living Legends' Scarub Left, MC Prototype Right) So we got together for an interview and some photos on a recent Saturday. Picture 90Picture 67









After the release of Chasing Dreams in 2012, MC Prototype managed to take a slight break while still maintaining a presence in the LA scene.

"I am getting back into everything now. I took a sort-of hiatus. I have a one and a half year old baby, so my focus has been on family and my son. Now that he can sleep through the night, I can sneak out and be a rapper again."

Juggling family and work was not easy but with new interns at the helm, and a new label in the works, he has been able to maintain a presence and has been not only performing, but also acting as the host for many shows around southern California.

"Post chasing dreams, I've gotten a lot more supporters. I think it has a lot to do with the collaborators I have been working with as of late. I've worked with a lot of the people that influenced me coming up in hip-hop, so when people see my name with a Living Legend, or Visionary or someone from the LA Symphony they see that these guys are my peers."

The songs, which we will be sure to post here, will be coming out monthly as they lead up to the end of the year's EP.

"All of the new tracks leading up to the EP will be independent of the EP itself. I'm releasing a song every month. I'm active and I'm working and I'm putting things out there. I really want to give more music out for free to give back."


Last time McPrototype released an album, he and our mutual friends at Original Knockoff made videos like this one as promotional leads to the upcoming songs. (This is for the ladies. Few people in this world can pull off a speedo, so enjoy it)

I asked if there would be any more collaborations with the boys of OK

I hope so! Maybe if they see this interview. They're like family, and when they offer, I'm like "Yees!". They keep me honest. They are fans, but they are more importantly critics and they hold me accountable for my art.  [Hint and shout-out to Dennis and Gabe]

Each month of 2013, he will be releasing a new song. They have not yet been written and will be finished throughout the year.

"I have a lot of people sending me beats. People from all over the world. I'm starting to produce a little bit more again, so I'm bringing in more musicians. We'll build the beat around the music and the lyrics. I write tracks and I decide you know, this one fits, I'm ready to get it out there."

Picture 91

"I'm really excited for March, the song is called Pot of Gold. It works with St. Patrick's day. We have a really unique campaign for putting this song out so hopefully everyone will stay tuned for that it should be interesting."

There might be a physical treasure, or pot of gold, for fans to go find. Get involved, have fun!

A self-proclaimed "nerd that raps" he has managed to stay true to himself and who he is. His raps are positive they are storytelling and they are poetry with a true rap beat.

As always, cheers and see you at the show!


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