I first met MC Prototype when I was invited by some mutual friends to shoot stills for the Chasing Dreams video. (you can see it right here)

Even his lyrics admit that he "can't relate to hood rhymes". Truth be told I feel the same way so I found his raps about chasing dreams and following his heart to be refreshing. There should be more rappers that are not afraid to rap about growing up in Southern California without making it about violence but rather following dreams and being a self proclaimed "nerd".

One of the most positive rappers I have ever listened to, MC has a style and lyrics all his own. "I love lemonade I thank life for the lemons" may or may not come off as corny but with the positivity and the beats, I found myself listening to the EP with Key to the City and Chasing Dreams being my favorites.

With an impressive list of collaborators on the EP, if you have not yet heard of Prototype, you'll be listening to some familiar voices. Scarub of Living Legends was a joy to work with on the music video (pictured below).  Along with Scarub the roster of collaborators includes, 2Mex & Very, Ivan Ives, Trek Life, Bellz, Celphi,


Scarub and MC Prototype

With a sense of humor and a refusal to take himself too seriously, MC Prototype filmed a number of promotional videos with his collaborators. From competitive swimming to gymnastics routines, he made sure there was more of a story behind each fellow artist.

See a couple of the promotional videos here

CookBook & UNO Mas

Ivan Ives

Until next time my friends,