Just a few weeks after "Give Me All Your Love" was leaked, another Madonna single, "Masterpiece," has surfaced. At the New York premiere of W.E., which took place at the Museum of Modern Art, the pop star-cum-director confirmed that the William Orbit-produced track will appear on the soundtrack for the film, as well as the artist's next studio album. Madonna's reaction to the leak of "Give Me All Your Love" was much more mournful than the unintended release of "Masterpiece" as the former song is still in its demo incarnation/missing vocal contributions from confirmed collaborators M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.

"Masterpiece," however, is a lyrical and musical return to the style of Madonna's more revered ballads, such as "Live to Tell" and "This Used to be My Playground." Incidentally, both of the aforementioned tracks also appeared on soundtracks (At Close Range and A League of Their Own, respectively). The words to the song are an undeniable mirror of the love story between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, the primary subject of W.E. With echoes of Madonna's vocal tone during the Evita era, "Masterpiece" paints a picture (pun intended) of someone unattainable--but not someone who isn't worth fighting for:

"If you were the Mona Lisa/You'd be hanging in the Louvre/Everyone would come to see you/You'd be impossible to move/It seems to me, that's what you are/A rare and priceless work of art/You stay behind your velvet rope/But I will not renounce all hope."

With so much hinging on the success of this film, it is wise of Madonna to hedge her bet with a song like this to bolster the allure of W.E. Although, considering that she was willing to showcase it to the likes of Parker Posey, Julian Schnabel, and Patti Smith at the MoMa premiere, it seems Madonna is fairly self-assured about the merit of her directorial skills. And not without reason--according to style.com, "Patti Smith got up and gave her a standing ovation." That's a pretty big vote of confidence.