In a recently released interview with British music publication New Musical Express, M.I.A revealed, in no uncertain terms, that she is fairly disgusted with the accolades Lady Gaga constantly receives and the comparisons that are made between M.I.A. and the latest pop star to be manufactured by Interscope Records, which also happens to be M.I.A.'s label.

Highlights from the interview included M.I.A. asserting, “People say we’re similar, that we both mix all these things in the pot and spit them out differently, but she spits it out exactly the same,” continuing, “None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is.”

M.I.A. is known for her bold, I don't give a fuck attitude, but her comments escalated into the danger zone when asked if she felt that being on a record label was really that consequential anymore, responding, with Lady Gaga as a parallel for her explanation, "She’s the industry’s last stab at making itself important—saying, ‘You need our money behind you, the endorsements, the stadiums.’ Respect to her, she’s keeping a hundred thousand people in work, but my belief is: Do it yourself.”

The ribbing didn't stop there either. M.I.A. also managed to excoriate the copy infringements of Ke$ha, who M.I.A. validly points out is stealing the sound of Uffie (a way fucking better musical choice if you want to go the route of Ke$ha-style music). M.I.A. states, “I’m more concerned by how someone like Ke$ha can so blatantly copy [electro-rapper] Uffie,” she said. “Everyone’s fine with it. Not a fucking lawsuit in sight.”

All in all, it seems like having a child has not tamed the wild, outspoken ways of M.I.A. Let's hope her upcoming summer album puts her money where her mouth is about making great music.

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