M.I.A. keeps the cock teases going with another new song from Matangi. On the heels of releasing "Bring the Noize," a raucous, empowering anthem, "Only 1 U" comes across as showing a softer, gentler side of M.I.A. Revealing a certain newfound potential for the musical diversity of her album, "Only 1 U" has the ethereal tone of "Space," off the M/\Y/\ album. As of yet, Matangi still has no specific release date, save for the vague assurance that it will be some time this year. The latest M.I.A. photo shoot.

Premiered on the UK radio show NTS by DJ Ital, the freshness of the track has only served to reinvigorate the public zeal--or at least my own personal zeal--for this album.

Listen to the track here.

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