The power of psychedelic rock is strong with this one. My very talented friend and inspirational creature Skip Jaymes has put foot to path of recording his own masterpieces for all of us to experience.

But this isn’t just psych rock, it bleeds soul and blues too, while still helping you float through the journey. Skip is joined by prodigy bassist Jayme Lewis, and the wildly gifted guitar work of Bill Worrell who recently did a live tour with America.

The feel of the EP left me with strong hints of slow, dedicated rock depth, while also keeping an acoustic track, and something a bit more kid friendly on the release. I hope to hear more from Skip and the Space Station.

As a man who both works and plays in the music studio, the quality is paid attention to in fine detail, and as a result, is a great mini release, with what I think are good future releases. Check out what he’s working on at the band’s Facebook and have a listen!

Until next time my friends,


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