I first saw Leftover Cuties play in Hollywood at The Bardot and fell instantly in love with their music. It is a soft American folk with a beautiful edge that was lovely in the venue. Their song "Places to Go" became my anthem and I believe I proclaimed that in a review here on BTH. Since I already loved their sound I was so happy to hear that they are coming out with their new Covers EP out May 15th. Songs include : Fidelity (Regina Spektor) Poker Face (Lady Gaga) You Are My Sunshine (Bing Crosby) At Last (Etta James) Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob Dylan) Trouble (Coldplay)

To choose the songs on the EP the band reached out to fans to decide on a track. The fans came back with Fidelity by Regina Spektor and the Cuties gave a it a great new spin.

(photo from their set at the Bardot 2011, photobytamea.com)

I recently spoke with the band's vocalist Shirli McAllen (pictured above) about the upcoming EP and how they chose the songs. Growing up Shirli was a fan of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchel and they have been influences ever since the beginning. She said that they wondered what they would be able to bring one of Bob Dylan's songs an a new update with his sound being so iconic. They decided, rightly so, that they would be able to give their own take on it with success. Their rendition of Don't think twice, It's all Right has a Leftover Cuties spin but keeps the Dylan feel. It became one of Shirli's favorite recordings in the band's history thus far.

You are my Sunshine, which Shirli said was chosen by the band's string player, Austin Nicholsen, was my favorite on the EP. Though I grew up with the song (and I think most of us did) it is a sombre song and their new key choices gave it a new story. Shirli was excited about the recording and that the song and lyrics explode with Mike's trumpet intro on the song. When I spoke with her, Shirli was "very excited about the cover album... because I think it is allowing us to show a new color of the band and a new side that we have not previously been able to show." The band seems to be coming out of their shell and, while I do love the covers, I am most excited for the new album we have been promised.

We have a little while to wait, but 2012 should have a new Leftover Cuties full length album. "The new record will be out in the fall. I would like to write some more music for it so we have more to choose from, but we have enough material. We just need to get in to record."

I'll be looking forward to the new record and to the tour that is on the horizon. For more information on the band and their new music visit  the sites below. To see them live, do not miss their album release party in Hollywood at the Hotel Cafe on May 16th. They will be playing covers from the EP and I would not miss it. We'll see you there!


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