There is an UPDATE to this saga at the end of the post, so scroll down if you want to.

Some people just need a better sense of humor. Lady Gaga, everyone's favorite Madonna tribute artist, is currently battling with parody king Weird Al Yankovic.

The reason? He recorded Perform This Way, a parody of Gaga's annoying song Born This Way. He contacted Gaga's management for the okay, to which they replied that she had to hear the song before giving him the go-ahead. He sent her the lyrics, which are essentially THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between the two songs, and her people again said "she needs to hear it".

Read Al's personal blog entry about the whole mess, where he goes into great detail about the fight.

That put Al in a tough situation, as it would cost money to record the song and send it, taking the risk of being rejected. Which he did. Because Gaga takes herself way too seriously, she rejected the parody song and thus, Al wasn't allowed to include it on his forthcoming album.

Yankovic had intended to use the song as the album's lead single and music video, much like he did with White & Nerdy, his cover of Chamillionaire's Ridin' Dirty, which was the lead single off of 2006's Straight Outta Lynwood, Yankovic's most recent album.

And now, my personal take on this issue: Lady Gaga is dumb. She takes herself ENTIRELY too seriously for someone who wears meat dresses and goes to award shows in giant eggs and basically rips off Madonna's entire creative concept.

Al even planned to donate all proceeds from the song to the Human Rights Campaign because he admired the earnestness of Gaga's original song. And yet, she still says no.

In response to her irrationality, Yankovic plans to release the song for free on his website. He also posted it up on YouTube already, complete with lyrics. View/listen to it below.

It's really a very amusing parody finding Al at his best, and it's a shame it won't be a part of his next album.

Thanks for nothing, Gaga.


According to TMZ, which is obviously a reputable news source (not), Gaga says she is 'adamant' that she did NOT ban Weird Al from publishing the parody. That's weird, but whatever. She also calls herself a big Weird Al fan...go figure.

Stay tuned for more info on this super-important and life-altering news.

UPDATE X2: As per Al's blog, it would appear that Lady Gaga is now okay with the parody and will allow Al to use it on his new album. Rejoice!

I guess we all reacted so angrily upon hearing the bad news the first time that she changed her mind. Good for her, glad she could appreciate the satire (if that is indeed how it went down).

Here's the parody, for your enjoyment:

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